NEW Land Rover Defender 90 V8 Review: Why This Car Makes NO Sense | 4K
NEW Land Rover Defender 90 V8 Review: Why This Car Makes NO Sense | 4K

NEW Land Rover Defender 90 V8 Review: Why This Car Makes NO Sense | 4K

Rory reviews the new V8-powered Land Rover Defender 90 to see what it's for, who it's for or if it should even exist.

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Comments (48)

Emil Henrik-Pedersen

Really love how you’re honest and say it how it is , no sucking up to these big brands!!


I like the softer Land Rover defenders, particularly when it comes to wheels, it suits a high tyre wall steel wheel better than big skinny alloys. no problem with the V8 but would have to go for entry engine to get my choice of wheels.


Brilliant review, the subtlety is one of the reasons I ordered one. Yes people won’t know how much it was but that’s brilliant. If you know you know!

somu. 22

I just love Rory…
This guy gives such a satisfying review in his own way of delivering the speech and the way he presents, it really connect us to the video…
And that’s exactly how it should work…
Great job Rory…👍🏼
Keep it up bro..💯
And to the team ❤️💥

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Remember when many folks thought the G55 AMG made no sense back in the late 90’s. I’m not saying this is the same, but you get my point of reference. The vehicles that make the least amount of sense are usually the ones everyone wants (including myself).

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Michael Carreiro

It makes sense to me. It’s literally built for someone who loves to drive a G-wagon, but knows how silly you look in a G.

Dylan Garcia

You’ll look even more silly driving around a ballooned up Kia Soul that you payed 100k plus for 😂


Yeah if you’d rather look like a farmer than a russian mobster lol……..AMG sounds and looks better imo, but its all subjective

Andy C

Spot on Rory, another great review as usual. Well done Autotrader for me you’ve got the best car journalist out there at the moment!!

Rik Aindow

It’s great to see Rory doing what he does best. Sensible reviews with his own twist. He was part of what made topgear good.

simon orr

He’s bloody good!


I wish, Rory and Mat Watson to replace Flintoff and McGuiness. I can’t understand what they are talking, such a peasant British accent from both of them.

clooper man

What’s all this 0 to 62 mph crap, lose the Euro bullshit, it’s 0 to 60 mph!!!!

Andy C

Best motor journalist at the moment for me

Nathan Clarke

This is a 2 person vehicle with some back seats for “in case”. I love this thing.
Edit: Absolute Stealth Wealth!

Croaker 47

LOL! A Land Cruiser is stealth wealth. It is understated, and unless you know what you are looking at, looks like just another Toyota SUV. This thing simply shouts “look at me!”

Kev Hodson

Regardless of it’s practically, it’s got a growling V8 instead of a washing machine motor, nice to see a real vehicle being tested for once

Ashley Wilson

Think the 90 looks amazing, much better looking than the 110, but i wouldn’t bother paying the extra for the v8 version!

Chris Hart

I like the entry 90 hardtop but land rover doesn’t even show the price unless you enquire! Apart from the fact its huge it doesn’t do anything better than a jimny really.


The exhaust pipe section hanging out the back of it looks like it got rear ended and a bit fell off and the owner couldn’t be bothered to have it repaired.

Stephen Fogarty

It’s purposely designed that way so that the vehicle still has an excellent departure angle…

James HH

Love it. Love the subtlety. Everyone else will think you are driving around in a Defender, but those who know will know. What better way to show off your wealth without drawing too much attention to yourself. Not everyone wants to be in a big Porsche or Mercedes. Also, look at the C6 RS6, the B4 RS5, or the W204 C63, subtle and timeless but absolutely incredible power and all becoming increasingly popular and desirable.

Ariaditya Pramestu

What is subtle about this defender? Get a land cruiser, that is subtle

khulani Luyanda mthabela

No nonsense review, love it. If this turned into a series, it would be a great one.

Trevor Sutherland

Think of it as a Corvette that can carry a HUGE amount of stuff, then it makes perfect sense. 🙂


What’s Cornetto got to do with it?

Rowan Robinson

@Heidelbergaren We’ve got a 2015 Defender 90 and they are tiny. The back seats take up most of the back and you can’t remove them. The new Defender might have a bit more room, but they’re not really for carrying stuff. Saying that, I’d bloody love to have a new V8


@Rowan Robinson
If you think of it as a two-seater with emergency backseat – it’s a lot of space

Ravi Rajyaguru

The new Defender has the perfect balance between a road usable SUV and a hardcore offroader. The new V8 trim is just a small (525 bhp) icing on the cake.

Steven Miller

@Pigeon Poo Not on this one with the big heavy 5.0 V8 up front to counter balance 😂

Pigeon Poo

Talking of balance. I always look at the 90 and think it’s gonna topple over backwards.

Andrew Hurst

People looking for a big boot and easy access rear seating won’t be looking at compact three door 4x4s. It’s like saying the five door version is ‘too long’.

The Chessmaster

I am so happy that there is still a 4×4 that is a proper one and it is a three door….I personally do not have childeren, nor family, nor carry passangers very often so since the Evoque 2door I had fallen in love with the great proposition of JLR of a 2d SUV and especially 90 being the “proper” one 🙂


There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to pick this version of the Defender. It’s also the one I’d have

Paschal Nyamogo

That’s why we love 90s


Facts & superb comment…

Eddy Runzo

You buy the excuse to not drive your friends everywhere.. haha

Richard Carter

Me too


The 110 and the v8 my spec!


@Kris Veterinar That’s the point now everything sounds like a vibrator.

Kris Veterinar

@Sebastiaan but, but, it is all about the noise of the engine and mass and muscle looks


@E. Camilo 2.5-ton tanks with inefficient engines are going to be the end of ICE cars. If cars would get lighter and more fun to drive, we would get away with using smaller engines while still having cool cars around.

BMWN55 1991

@E. Camilo 6,000 orders wouldn’t say that

E. Camilo

Completely nuts. The industry is going away from ICEs and Land Rover is making these. They will go bankrupt in no time.

Shreyash Anand

I know it makes absolutely no sense. And that it is around £20000 too much.
But surely, man that is cool. Such a cool car

Farming Nerd

£20000 is a great car, it is actually around £100,000


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