New MG ZS in-depth review: is this the best budget SUV?
New MG ZS in-depth review: is this the best budget SUV?

New MG ZS in-depth review: is this the best budget SUV?

2022 MG ZS EV review:
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The MG ZS is a budget SUV that goes head to head with more expensive rivals like the Renault Captur and SEAT Arona. A mid-life facelift introduced a mild redesign and a refreshed interior with improved technology. Every version of the updated ZS gets a 7-year/80,000-mile warranty, and there's a choice of petrol power or a pure-electric ZS EV model with a range of up to 250 miles. But is a class-leading warranty and a low price enough to tempt buyers away from pricer rivals? Nicola puts the MG ZS to the test to find out.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:29 – Interior and technology
03:30 – Driving and performance
06:08 – Range and charging
07:03 – Driving and performance
06:33 – Boot space
07:39 – Rear seats
08:25 – Dealmakers and dealbreakers
09.10 – Verdict

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Comments (40)

Chris Bannister

Ordered one for April in Trophy guise. I’ve got a 2015 i3 Rex which is fun to drive but it’s so impractical and we’ve just had a new baby. I get about 150 miles max before I need to charge or put petrol in it and it just doesn’t cut it. I’m hoping this MG will be a fine replacement for the 3 year lease. It’s costing me £290 a month for 10k miles and £800 down – bargain! Also, great review! I love the humour.


Well, I would expect a review of the cruise control

Supercars FunTime UK

I had my eye on this car already. Great review, love your character that made it fun to watch👍


Glad you enjoyed it!


Nicola’s rEViews are always deserving of a much wider audience.

Simply superb.


Share, like, subscribe, bell etc


Nicola you are exactly what makes a good car review. Knowledgeable but also have a little humour. Your really good.

Marcin Zarodkiewicz

ahh Nicola, you’re like a breath of fresh air. You’re the reason why I started watching Curbuyer reviews again since Matt left


Stay right where you are, Marcin!

Robinson Chera

Nice car, too bad that the engine it’s so slow for the petrol version and also that’s not available in other countries other than EU 🙁


Fun Fact. The MG 5 shares a platform with the previous (2016-2022) Vauxhall Astra


Very impressive, MG have come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years, a good price too


Couldn’t agree more!

Melodic Fingers

Love the charisma and witty presenting style! Makes it a very enjoyable to watch!

Melodic Fingers

@Nicola Hume Keep up the great work x

Nicola Hume

@Andrew 1971 Thanks Andrew, yeahs it’s easy to forget sometimes, I’ve done the same in the past with something I wasn’t keen on. I’ve definitely grown thicker skin in recent years haha. Thanks for staying subbed and continuing to watch☺️

Andrew 1971

@Nicola Hume Hello Nicola. I promise I will stay subscribed to the Carbuyer channel and keep on watching your reviews:). I’m glad that you commented because its a useful reminder to me and everyone else that behind every comment is a human being:)

Nicola Hume

@Andrew 1971 Hey guys, Nicola here. It’s cool, I’m fully aware that my personality isn’t going to be universally loved. That’s impossible. I do it the way I do it because well, that’s me. I’m sure if you met me when the camera isn’t rolling then you’ll see I’m no different. No worries if that’s not for you though. You never know, you might warm to me one day.☺️ But thanks for watching!x

Melodic Fingers

@Andrew 1971 Rather than being negative in life, start being positive. Many will find your comment to be depressing. She is not talking about her, but presenting new cars with a very connecting approach with viewers. This is the beauty of unique styles.


Good value 👍🏻 think it will be very popular on the mobility scheme


Think you might be right…

Alan Wayte

As an owner of a MGB Resto mod got V8 I almost cried, however I was given a MGB as courtesy car for a week when BMW 330e was being repainted from key damaged panels…shock it was actually ok and great value in this format

Iain Ansell

@Craig O you literally typed that on either a phone or pc that was made in china….

bibek karky

Some of my mates who got chinese car (haval) two yrs back, are out of road now, in australia. These dont last long, at least not on australian roads.

Tom Mullins

As another Aussie, these things seem to be ok for the inner city but outside of that…… useless.


Another great review, and the revelation that Nicola goes to Toby Carvery!


Our Nic’s a woman of the people, so she is.

Rob C

Owned a new 1.0L auto for 6 months now, always deals to be had somewhere. Paid just under 20K new for top model in stunning tri-coat Red. Its a LOT of car by today’s prices for a compact SUV (proper raised seating unlike crossovers), big boot, its flat if you move the floor up to the higher level. Hasn’t missed a beat so far. The 3cyl GM designed engine is quiet and enthusiastic and the DCT gearbox smooth. Interior is better finished than a Seat Arona for example. Downsides? its a shade thirsty around town but settles nicely to good MPG on a run. Some odd details missing, has aircon and all climate controls are digital but not actual climate control.. so you have to tweak fans and temperature manually. There are convenient piano key switches so its not a deal breaker. The EV gets climate control. Even comes with good quality branded tyres and a dealership just opened in my town so service will be easy. As described in the review, its just gets on with it, easy and competent to drive, spacious and with everything you need, and a bit more without the silly prices, you can pay as much for a mid spec. Fiesta!! People only have their prejudices to lose, and by the number now on the road and the number of dealers opening, they are!

Rob C

@Craig O You don’t know much about manufacturing and supply do you? 90% of the things you own are either made in or contain parts from China. Even things you might think are European or American are made in China and rebranded before selling. Its physically impossible to live today without Chinese items, such is the scale of their production ability and the decline of Western manufacturing.

Anthony Stevens

Brilliant Nicola! After a great explanation on why we should not knock all things that come out of China I nearly ruined my keyboard (again!) when you said to the narrow minded man , “did I say that to his face? No I didn’t I panicked and blew a raspberry”. I loved the comparison to Mercedes quality casual climbdown as well. As you point out the lack of driver seat and steering wheel adjustment (unless you are an ISO standard size bipedal being) may make driving a tad fatiguing. Great subtle dig at Rich and his natural highlights, I’m wondering if/when Rich will add some comments in his reviews. I also had to chuckle a tad at what must be the first real argument for taking the middle seat with the better headroom and first dibs on the USB sockets. Anyway it may not be the best looking car out there today and have the driving feedback that could be compared to driving a firm mattress but as a decent size car with plenty of space for a great price, It certainly has a lot more benefits per hard earned pound than many options. Great review so please don’t respond with a raspberry.

Nicola Hume


MW ☘️

Great review 👍


Thanks MW!

Dream Box

“Not quite a mercedes” . Love it..thanks for great review.


You’re welcome


For me I would still go for an E-Niro, it looks a bit cooler (The new one) plus Korean cars are accurate on range, however, this is still a nice alternative

Chris Carpenter

@Jaff Ah yes I see, I only asked because you specified ‘the new one’ so I thought you might have meant the EV6 instead. e-niro is nice, but expensive, its most budget friendly version is still £32k and you don’t get the same level of kit or range as the MG.


@Chris Carpenter the eniro is one of the MGS main rivals, the ev6 is going for more premium brands

Chris Carpenter

Do you mean the EV6 which starts at £41,000? It is really nice but I think probably in a different price category to the MG. Personally, I think I would go for the Cupra Born over this, quality is arguably nicer, and also starts from £33,000 though I can’t be sure the practicality is the same.

MSA Chaudhry

Love her reviews. Shed has something different.


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